Diagnostic Imaging

Triage Vets are pleased to offer onsite digital radiography and Ultrasonography to all our patients.

Digital Radiography

Our digital radiography system permits a high-quality image with minimal radiation exposure. This means better diagnostic accuracy, better performance in resolution and image quality and much safer to your pet and the environment.

This type of x-ray allows our vets to see a high-resolution image, which is instantly available for interpretation enabling us to provide results instantly to benefit your pet.


Our sophisticated machine uses high-frequency sound echoes which bounce off structures in the body and are reflected back to the transducer, which converts the waves into electrical signals. A computer converts the pattern of electrical signals into an image, which is displayed on a monitor for interpretation by our vet.

This image can be recorded on a film, videotape or as a digital computer image. Ultrasonography allows for a non-invasive way of assessing internal structures in real-time motion, it is effectively used to image internal organs in the abdomen or chest but also eyes, lymph nodes and blood vessels. It is commonly used to detect pregnancy.