A preventative health plan for your pet

We want to make responsible pet ownership simple and affordable.

Our care plan includes preventative care such as vaccinations, parasite treatments (flea and worm prevention), health checks and advice, all covered in a monthly payment plan.

Our care plan is not pet insurance; we strongly advise that you get your pet insured.


Working together for a healthier, happier life for your pet

  • Monthly direct debit allows you to budget for your petโ€™s essential healthcare, including vaccinations, flea, worm and parasite treatments.

  • Having a plan will encourage you to bring your pet for regular health checks, preventative treatments and advice.

  • Visiting us regularly will help us diagnose and manage any health issues your pet may develop. It also provides a chance for you to discuss any ongoing concerns as well as helping to reinforce a positive bond between the clinic and your pet.

  • Triage Vets Care Plan is designed to adapt to your petโ€™s needs, from puppy and kitten to adulthood and throughout their senior years.

  • Exclusive discounted prices on other services and treatments.