Pepe’s Story ~

Pepe, a 5-month old DSH was brought into the clinic initially, with the owner reporting intermittent vomiting.

He had already been seen as an outpatient for this concern, but unfortunately, the vomiting continued and became progressively worse.

The owner opted for us to further investigate and provide supportive treatment and close monitoring.

Pepe was hospitalised. A thorough examination determined no obvious cause for concern at this stage. We started him on intravenous fluid therapy, alongside supportive medication.

Once Pepe was comfortable and stable, we performed diagnostic imaging. Radiographs showed no visible Radio-opaque foreign body, however, we did suspect an area of Radio-dense material and a fair amount of gas. During hospitalisation, Pepe started to have multiple diarrhoea episodes, releasing strong odours. We continued to monitor carefully.

During one of these episodes, we noticed he seemed to be squatting over his litter tray for longer than usual. As his perineum was examined, we saw something dangling from his rectum. Very slowly and carefully we started to pull; as we kept pulling more and more kept coming. Extra care was taken, as we did not want to cause more trauma internally, and certainly did not want the foreign body to break!!

It was shocking to find a piece of thread that was approximately 50cm in length come out in one piece!

Pepe was kept in hospital until he was eating well and passing normal faeces. The photos below show the moment he was back in the owner’s arms fighting fit!

Pepe has since been back at the clinic for a follow-up appointment, and we are delighted to report his excellent recovery.

  • Date: June 24, 2019
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