Consultation & Examination

Consultation & Examination

Tilly’s Story ~

Tilly was brought into our clinic in a lot of pain. She had been for her morning walk in long grass and had woken up constantly shaking her head and yelping out. After discussing with her owners the likely causes, it was decided to hospitalise and sedate her to explore the ear canals further.

Tilly was sedated, allowing the vet to have a good look in her ears. Upon inspection, it was clear that there was a foreign body stuck in her left horizontal ear canal. By using a pair of crocodile forceps and an otoscope, our vet was able to locate the object and gently remove it. A grass seed was produced from the ear, as seen in the photo below. Luckily for Tilly, the seed had not perforated the eardrum. After further examination, it was evident both ears were clear of grass seeds, however, some were found in Tilly’s coat. Tilly made a successful recovery from her procedure and was sent home with supportive medication. She is now doing well and pain-free.

Grass seeds are a common problem. These small objects can cause a lot of pain and be very traumatic for the patient. We advise checking your pet’s ears, coats, and paws for grass seeds regularly.

  • Date: June 24, 2019
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